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February 9th, 2016
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MAYSVILLE, Kentucky, U.S.A (February 9, 2016) – Just released, Carlson’s new Precision 3D Topo software is an easy-to-use program for the 3D editing of digital terrain models (DTMs).

Precision 3D is a software with an array of tools to locate and correct DTM errors in a sharp, 3D interface. Surveyors, contractors and engineers alike can use the software to make sure the final DTM surface is of the highest quality. Editing tools include surface blending, spike and dimple removal, DTM vertex editing, and surface pad placement by defined polygon and outslope conditions. Multiple undo and redo commands allow you to study changes to perfect your project.

“Carlson Precision 3D Topo is a game changing, real-time design tool based on open data standards that can quickly augment existing user workflows. Many of the advanced concepts have been talked about in the industry for many years and I am proud to lead the team that forged those concepts into reality. Consider the bar raised,” says P3D project leader, Nathan Crews.

P3D Topo allows for importation of many file types including recently released LandXML 2.0. A windows 3D thumbnail shell extension is also available for LandXML, TIN, GRD, and P3D files.

P3D Topo 2

Other innovations in the software include the ability to:

• Fix errors in the DTM for re-saving and use in CAD programs, or for direct output for machine control and survey stakeout;
• Overlay other LandXML file types such as points, alignments, parcels, storm and sanitary sewers, culvert pipes and other piping systems;
• View 3D Surfaces with user-controlled textures to quickly spot errors in the DTM.
• Allows for placement of symbols from a user-expandable symbol library, and conducts automated field-to-finish in 3D, from points and descriptions, leading to realistic site renderings; and
• Analyze slope at any point using inspection tools to reference any selected or drawn alignment.

P3D Topo

P3D Topo is the ultimate 3D visualization and editing tool all wrapped up in one solution. If DTM errors have been found and fixed, if slopes have been studied and validated, and finally, if it looks good, then it is good. It’s ready to build, ready to show, or ready to use for final design work.

Join Carlson President Bruce Carlson on Monday, February 15, at 12 noon EST, for a webinar where he will be demonstrating the revolutionary aspects of this easy-to-use program.

For more information, visit the Carlson P3D page, or call 800-989-5028 to find a Carlson representative near you.

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