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February 16th, 2015

Sneak Peek of What’s New from Carlson Machine Control at Booth 303 at SME, Feb. 15-18 — new machine guidance systems, 3D Viewer, ProTools v6.1, Visual Report, and More

DENVER, Colo., U.S.A. – Be sure and stop by the Carlson booth #303 at the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration (SME) exhibition in Denver, Feb. 15-18, to learn all about Carlson Machine Control’s new products and soon-to-be-released updates.

These include advanced features and optimizations for Carlson’s popular MineGrade™ and DrillGrade™ machine guidance systems, plus all new Fleet Manager Office (FMO) ProTools 3D Viewer and Visual Reporter with dashboard view and timeline view/edit. All are designed to improve accuracy and mine production efficiency.

MineGrade™ v6.1/DrillGrade™ v6.1
MineGrade 6.1 brings many new improvements to Carlson’s machine guidance software for mining, drilling, and dredging applications. The mine machine control solution supports many machine types used in these applications including dozers, wheel loaders, drills, shovels, draglines, compactors, cable cranes, and haul trucks. New features include performance optimizations, enhanced navigation, new vehicle icons and support, advanced slope calculations, additional sensor support, automatic firmware upgrades, and more.

“MineGrade’s new features are design to offer higher positioning performance—RTK, heading and slope,” says Randy Noland, V.P. of Business Development for Carlson Machine Control. “And with the new firmware detect and upgrade capabilities, managing larger equipment fleets will become easier and much more comprehensive.”

Fleet Manager Office v6.1
The all new FMO Visual Reporter web-based reporting module provides balance between simplicity, accessibility, flexibility, and report automation. This new report generator offers a customizable dashboard view with auto-scrolling that provides real-time metrics at a glance. Its new Timeline View for machine activities provides easy verification as well as a simple and intuitive timeline edit, right in the view.

FMO v6.1 delivers more power and efficiency for demanding production analysis.

FMO v6.1 Visual Reporter Dashboard


Reports, which can be easily created, scheduled, and emailed to groups automatically, will include uptime, idle time, dozer pushes, length and count; productivity, distance, and tasks; delays, and down codes, plus volume per machine and total site volume. These reports provide management with timely, custom reports.

New FMO ProTools v6.1 for more power and efficienty at mine sites

FMO Visual Reporter Timeline


Also new is FMO ProTools v6.1 with new 3D Visualization, which provides more power and efficiency for demanding production analysis. To released by April 15, FMO ProTools v6.1 offers real-time site views and historical playback over larger time samples and is 300-plus times faster than the previous version.

“ProTools v6.1 is designed to crunch data incredibly fast because measuring, analyzing, and optimizing production is at the heart of any successful mining operation,” says Noland. “Accurate calculations and easy access to data is paramount.”

Carlson FMO ProTools v6.1 provides more power and efficience at mine sites.

Real-time Cut/Fill Color Map/Google Map Hybrid View

The new, upgraded engine in FMO ProTools v6.1 facilitates higher accuracy, smaller grid intervals in order to ease scenario analysis with larger data sets.

Additional features enable users to:

1. Keep the as-built surface for the site up-to-date
a. .GRD & .CSV
b. .BGRD – new grid format that optimizes the surface for quick easy processing
c. Daily changes
d. Daily difference
2. Follow up-to-date productivity
a. Cut/Fill Volumes
b. Pushes – Number and length
3. Have full 3D visualization
a. See playback of machines over the existing surface – play, speed up, slow down or pause updates
b. View wireframe, cut/fill, Google Earth overlay
c. Output a surface at any point in time
d. View as much as a year at a time

New Carlson FMO ProTools v6.1 with new 3D Visualization

See playback of machines

Keep track of equipment with Carlson ProTools v6.1

Works with a wide variety of equipment

For more information about Carlson Machine Control’s MineGrade™ and DrillGrade™ machine guidance systems plus the improvements in FMO ProTools v6.1, visit the Carlson Software booth #303 at SME or go to Carlson Mining’s comprehensive office design software—Carlson Geology, Carlson Surface Mining, and Carlson Underground Mining—are also featured at the Carlson booth at SME.

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