Natural Regrade with GeoFluv Shows Results

March 27th, 2017

The beginnings of GeoFluv design reclamation in 2003

Dr. Yaron Ziv of Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Israel, toured Natural Regrade reclamation sites on March of this year with Nicholas Bugosh, developer of the GeoFluv™ reclamation design method that is used in Carlson Software’s Natural Regrade.

Bugosh accompanied Dr. Ziv as they viewed more than 2000 acres of mining-disturbed lands at active and fully reclaimed mine sites to see how companies are efficiently constructing these functional landforms during mining and how the land has responded after reclamation.

Dr. Ziv, a spatial ecologist, was very impressed that the reclaimed land provided ecological niches that support a diverse ecosystem and that the sites have withstood extreme storms (approaching 200-year recurrence interval) without requiring maintenance and repair.

Yaron Ziv (left) and Carlson's Nicholas Bugosh stand with the completed GeoFluv reclamation in March of 2017.

Yaron Ziv (left) and Carlson’s Nicholas Bugosh stand with the completed GeoFluv reclamation in March of 2017

Natural Regrade featuring the Geo-Fluv™ method is a Carlson software product developed for the reclamation of disturbed land that is used extensively at mine sites around the world. It enables designers to recreate the natural drainage network that had developed over time. “It, in essence, compresses time,” says Bugosh, “and uses algorithms based on nature to bring back hydrologic balance, thus producing a stable landform.”

Following the tour, Dr. Ziv said he was excited about the opportunities to use Natural Regrade with the GeoFluv method for proposed large mining projects in the Israeli desert.

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