Introducing a Deferred Payment Option on Carlson Hardware and Software

April 3rd, 2020

Carlson Software has announced a new option to help ease the economic uncertainty introduced by the COVID-19 situation. Carlson is now offering low-rate financing plans including 90-day deferred payments for purchases of software and hardware. Any combination of Carlson products equaling at least $4,000 is eligible for the program, which offers flexible repayment options after the 90-day period. Carlson is working with our financial partner, Advance Acceptance, to provide this program. 

More information is available in this PDF, and for details on rates and to apply, download this excel worksheet.

Alternatively, in an effort to ease the transition to working remotely, Carlson is now offering new 90-day software licenses on our most popular office software. Learn more about this option here.

For more information on this new offer, please contact your Carlson dealer, visit to find a dealer near you, or call Carlson at 606-564-5028.

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