How the Supervisor+GPS Tablet is a Launching Pad for Florida Surveying Business

September 14th, 2012

Here’s a story about how a small business is expanding thanks to new technology. Ralph Nieto of Nieto Whittaker Surveying in Lake Mary, Florida, told his story to POB Editor Christine Grahl.

The rugged, integrated tablet [the Supervisor+ GPS, also known as the SuperG] with its large screen, Windows operating system, familiar software and online connectivity has provided an easy-to-use, versatile solution that is opening the door to other developments for the small surveying firm.

Ralph Nieto uses the Carlson Super GRead here  how investing in this new hardware from Carlson Software has made a big difference in the company’s productivity and, hence, their bottom line.

Now that we’re using it a lot and finding all these extra capabilities, we want to get to the next level of survey work and expand our services and client base. I think that points us toward future investments and technology.

The full story can be found on POB’s website —


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