Work Seamlessly with Esri® and DGN® with Carlson SurvPC Data Collection

December 8th, 2012
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MAYSVILLE, Kentucky, U.S.A. (December 9, 2012) – Carlson SurvPC data collection software has recently been updated to enable the land surveyor to work natively in the Esri and Microstation®.dgn environment.

For seamless accuracy in GIS, use Carlson SurvPC

For seamless accuracy in GIS, use Carlson SurvPC

Carlson SurvPC, like Carlson’s popular SurvCE software, is a complete data collection system for Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS andTotal Stations with in-field CAD and coordinate geometry. Because SurvPC is designed for ruggedized PC tablets using Windows 7/XP, it can work in environments that Windows Mobile simply can’t run. Now, surveyors can access Esri® maps and data as well as work directly with Microstation drawings.

“This is an industry first,” says Bruce Carlson, president of Carlson Software. “The new capability of SurvPC enables surveyors to work in the ArcGIS® system, yet with the interface they are familiar with.  In the case of Esri maps, SurvPC displays the map as saved and accesses the entire geodatabase. Features and attributes collected in the field are stored back to the geodatabase and displayed graphically with the correct symbols and linetypes.”

Carlson adds, “The Esri map appears shockingly crisp in the field, with built-in zoom resolution freeze/thaw. It is the same with Microstation drawings. In both cases there is no conversion; you work native, and can identify, draw to or stake out any existing feature by conventional ‘snap’ selection.”

Surveyors will also be able to access Esri maps from any city, utility, state or national government, and SurvPC will automatically prompt for all attributes associated with the map. No advance preparation is necessary—the map automatically sets up SurvPC to work within the predefined schema. This allows survey consultants to easily work with multiple jurisdictions, and it allows the Esri-based organization itself to conduct its own field work without converting data formats. Versioning makes the field updates merge correctly with ongoing map and data revisions.

In the case of Microstation drawings, SurvPC will recognize the “levels” and cell structure of entities, so that new points created are stored graphically in the pre-defined cell format, and new linework also writes directly to the .dgn file.

Carlson offers this updated SurvPC on its own or it can be purchased as a package with the Carlson Supervisor, a small, light, fast, rugged field and Windows7-compatible tablet PC designed for land surveying and site management.

“The Esri and Microstation operation supplements our existing .dwg compatibility,” notes Carlson. “Not only can GIS professionals now conduct field work native in Esri with sub-centimeter RTK accuracy, but all surveyors can work native in the map environment of choice:  AutoCAD®, Microstation or Esri.  This represents a field data collection breakthrough, unique to Carlson Software.”

For more information about the multi-platform Carlson SurvPC and the Carlson Supervisor, visit or call 606-564-5028 to find your local Carlson representative ready to answer your questions.


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