Carlson: The Civil Choice

By Karen Cummings • April 4th, 2016

Fair Price… Full CAD… Free Support… this is what you’ll get with Carlson civil engineering software.

When it comes down to it, the Carlson Civil Suite isn’t just easy to use, it provides much more than the competition. There are countless reasons to choose Carlson as your civil engineering software, but here are a few that we think tell the story best.

“…comes with all the important bells and whistles without the steep learning curve.”

Built for ease:
Our software’s controls are easy to pick up and learn. Other engineering software requires extensive training to maximize the products potential and efficiently implement it into a daily workflow. The Carlson Civil Suite comes with all the important bells and whistles without the steep learning curve.

Keeps costs down:
Everyone loves to save money and here at Carlson, we think you should do just that. Other programs are subscription-based and can end up costing users more than they expected. Carlson comes with a perpetual license and owners can choose to upgrade if they want or keep things the way they are.

Pick and choose:
Carlson’s modular Civil Suite – Carlson Survey, Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology, Carlson GIS – options allow users to purchase the programs that they will use, rather than following in our competitor’s one-size-fits-all footsteps, which forces users to buy the bundle.

 Power with Ease:
Users have instant access to our powerful networking features:

Get dynamic design with Carlson Civil Suite.

Carlson Civil Suite in action.

These components ease and speed design work AND work with standard CAD objects without any custom objects. This facilitates sharing of files even when not on the same version.

Bonus gifts:
Carlson Civil Suite comes with IntelliCAD® built in (i.e. free) and is compatible with many AutoCAD® version – no requirement to upgrade every year. In addition, Carlson provides free, repeat free, personalized technical support because that has been our mantra since the very beginning. Try Carlson, we work for you. See More…


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