Takeoff Estimating Software: Using a Subgrade Material Library

March 7th, 2013
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Customer Question:


It seems that I have to re-enter my materials every time before I edit them in the existing/design subgrade layers. It always defaults back to the defaults. Is there a way to avoid this or where is the default library located and I will save my list as that?

Thank you


Yes, under the pull-down “Takeoff > Material Quantities > Define Materials Library”, you can create and load a materials (.mat) file. With this file, you can save material names and costs (depths still need to be entered through Define Layer Surface/Material/Subgrade).
subgrade materials library
When you start a new project, run “Takeoff > Material Quantities > Define Materials Library” and load then save a¬†previously created .mat file.
 set material subgrade
Next, in “Takeoff > Define Layer Surface/Material/Subgrade” you can click “Set” to select the material to be used.
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