Carlson Software Spotlight: Bob Bailey

July 10th, 2015

With several decades of experience behind him, Bob Bailey serves as Carlson’s Manager of Sales Operations. He brings his extensive and varied professional experiences to the table at Carlson and is charged with keeping the entire sales department running as smoothly as possible. When Bob isn’t wearing multiple hats and sharing information across all levels at Carlson, he can be found devising new ways to help the entire company communicate more effectively.

Bob Bailey plus headset.Bob Bailey plus headset.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Carlson?
My official title is Manager of Sales Operations. We have about 20 salesmen, including the worldwide staff. While the Director of Sales handles all the upfront sales and the technical side of training and motivating the team, I’m the one that makes sure things come into the system and exit correctly. I also manage the warehouse and the side-support team for the sales team.

What led you to your current role at Carlson Software? How long have you been working as Manager of Sales Operation, and how did you get into the industry?
I started at Carlson in 2003, as a manager of the SurvCE software development team. Then things gravitated toward administrative work. At one point I was Director of Sales, but that role got split up so I could focus solely on the back end.

I’ve been in the industry for 41 one years. My background is in engineering and land surveying, and I’ve got several associates degrees and certificates in business management. I entered the industry in 1974, working for a land surveying hardware manufacturer, eventually becoming National Sales Manager for that company. I went on to work for Nikon and ran their surveying department from 1995 to 2003.

Bruce Carlson was a vendor of mine, and when Nikon’s surveying department reorganized and I needed a job, I gave him a call and came down here to Mayville and started working for him.

Based on your experience, where has the field evolved the most over the course of your time at Carlson?
As the industry changed over my career, the thing that has become evident, especially in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s, is that software had become the driving factor. Hardware had been the driving factor, but these days a $20,000 robot is a piece of iron without the right software.

Carlson Software has been leading in that arena for a long time. For a number of years, many of our current competitors actually purchased our data collection product. That was true for about four or five years before they began to develop their own version and look upon us as a competitor.

What about working with Carlson, in terms of the work environment or your day-to-day experience, do you appreciate the most?
I’d say, and I think this is true for all of the people at Carlson, it’s the amount of freedom you have to develop your own skills and go down avenues you want to in your position. I’m doing things I never thought I would do in my life. It’s expanded my horizons. It’s also allowed me to serve as one of the focal point for the office’s day-to-day operations and act as an intermediary to keep the pulse of the company going.

When you aren’t behind the desk at Carlson, what do you like to do with your time off?
I play golf. It’s one of my big hobbies. I work around the house, the physical stuff helps pull me away from the mental grind of the job. My kids are up and grown so the wife and I take care of the house and relax in the pool.

Describe an aspect of your role at Carlson that people might find surprising
Not everyone realizes how many things I touch on a daily basis that have an effect on the company. I think that’d be the most surprising thing about my job. Facilitating good communication between departments is the biggest part of it.

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