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By Karen Cummings • September 22nd, 2011

Carlson Software President and Founder Bruce Carlson leads off
Welcome to our customers, business partners and other interested parties to the new Carlson Blog, started as we enter our 29th year of business.

International expansion at Carlson
While maintaining our strong focus on the U.S. survey, construction, mining and civil engineering market, we started up an EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) office based in Almere, Netherlands, in July, 2010.  Our European staff include my own daughter, In Europe, the Middle East or Africa, contact Carlson EMEA for sales and serviceBarbara Carlson Fernandes and her husband Nuno Fernandes based in Portugal, Jesus Latova in Spain, Tomas Blaha (formerly of Ashtech) in the Czech Republic, and Rob van Etten and Floris van den Heuven (formerly with Sokkia) based in the Almere office.

The EMEA operation allows for same-time tech support across that region, from Finland to South Africa, and offers more opportunity for dealer support, seminars, conference attendance and localization efforts in the EMEA region.

In Australia, Patrick O’Connor, who joined us from Position Partners, heads up the Australian and Asian region sales and support out of Brisbane.

And our U.S. operations have recently expanded with significant growth in the machine control division and the hiring of Robert Kan and Vladimir Epifanov in our programming division, both talented and well known sotware veterans of our industry.

At Carlson, we know that a company is more than its technology or product line–people make the difference, in support, in service, in ideas and innovation.  It’s personally rewarding to me to work in the same circle with so many top professionals amidst so much intellectual fire power.  We have a team that can deliver.Carlson provides software design solutions for surveying, civil engineering, construction, mining

Carlson 2012 CAD-based design software just released
We have just released Carlson 2012–the annual release of our full range of office products working on AutoCAD and IntelliCAD. We have included with this release approximately 100 training movies that will help new users get started and advanced users master new and powerful routines in survey mapping, terrain modeling, civil engineering and hydrology design.

Many of us are preparing for the upcoming Intergeo Survey Conference in Nuremburg, Germany, which is an annual conference that every U.S. surveyor should attend once in their life.  It is held in a different city in Germany every year, and it is probably the ultimate event to experience all product offerings and the newest technology advances in the survey industry.  And for some reason it’s always around Oktoberfest.

We hope to see you there. And please, feel free to contribute to the Carlson blog. Let’s dialog on needed technology, business and market developments and any topic that can benefit your business and career.

–Bruce Carlson, President of Carlson Software

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