Carlson DrillGrade™ 5.0 3D Drilling Navigation System Just Released

April 18th, 2013

Provides new support for Atlas Copco FlexiROC and SmartROC drills 

MUNICH, Germany (April, 2013) – For all functions related to drilling and blasting, look to Carlson Software’s totally upgraded DrillGrade™ 5.0 3D Drilling Navigation System. Together with Carlson’s CBx5 Control Box Console, which has a GPS+GLONASS L1/L2 RTK receiver built-in, and its MC Pro Vx5 machine control sensor, DrillGrade gives its users total simplicity of operation combined with complete access to the most advanced features. The following are just a few of the newest capabilities of Carlson DrillGrade 5.0:

  • Navigate and position from within the drill cab without any marks on the surface;
  • Easily create a drill pattern in the machine to a terrain model, depth and height;
  • Load/change terrain models, localizations easily;
  • Visualize 3D surfaces in the field;
  • Handle simple localizations within DrillGrade, not the receiver;
  • Retrofit to most any drill;
  • Choose integration option for Atlas Copco FlexiROC w/HEC3 system and SmartROC w/RSP system;
  • Get support for most all GPS/GNSS receivers with world’s largest GNSS library;
  • Get near real-time system feedback with remote wireless monitoring; and
  • Import/export .dwg, .dxf, .csv and IREDES hole data.

“Our DrillGrade System guides the operator, enabling the drilling of parallel holes to the correct depth in a safe and easy way,” says Randy Noland, vice president and director of Machine Control for Carlson. “The system can dramatically lower costs because accurate drilling equals better blasting, which in turn equals better fragmentation, leading to lower downstream costs.” The Carlson Drill Grade System also promotes safety on the site by keeping the operator in the cab and out of harm’s way, thanks to the system’s stakeless drill pattern layout. In addition, the DrillGrade System has both audio and visual alarms to alert operators of avoidance zones. Alarms are triggered if a proximity zone is breached.

To maximize clients’ existing investments and site compatibility, Carlson also supports GNSS receivers manufactured by other companies such as Leica, Trimble, Topcon, Septentrio, JAVAD GNSS and others. Plus, for Atlas Copco customers, there is the option to integrate Carlson Machine Control’s CBx5 control box console running Carlson DrillGrade™ software on a FlexiROC™ HEC3 C65 drilling system.

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About Carlson Machine Control. Carlson Machine Control provides site management solutions for mining, solid waste landfills, dredging and other niche markets. Solutions include 3D machine control, site connectivity and fleet production monitoring with productivity analysis and reporting.

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