Carlson Customers Show Support

January 10th, 2014

At Carlson, we’re thankful for our devoted customer base. We work for you, so we appreciate hearing from our customers when they’re happy with the job we’ve done. And we’re always ready to listen for ways to improve our customers’ experience with Carlson. Here are some reasons why our customers choose Carlson:

Always the best service from Carlson…I share that everywhere I go when talking to other surveyors.


Ken DeCamp of 360 Surveying & Mapping

– Ken DeCamp, PLS
360 Surveying & Mapping, LLC
Anacortes, WA

Thanks! On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being highest), I would rate your support as 100!  The support you give is unbelievable. THANK YOU!

– Charles A. Holtz, PLS
Holtz Surveying
Catskill, NY

Carlson has great software but what keeps us sticking with Carlson is the incredible tech support.  You guys are great.

– Bob Piggott
Mickalich Engineering
Clarkson, MI

As a long-time user of Carlson software one of the things I appreciate about your company is the free technical support, as well as your responsiveness to user suggestions. So thanks for the support you have provided as well as the great software enhancements I’ve seen through the years.

– Wilmer Nolt, PLS
Brubacher Excavating, Inc
Bowmansville, PA

…That’s why we buy and promote Carlson products: you listen to us!

– Kenneth Kelly
Kelly Surveying, PLLC
Daily, WV


Boston Tech Support: Todd Carlson and Brian Hammer

That worked!  When we were researching our choices to replace LDD, I heard how good Carlson’s tech support is.  This confirms it.

– Peter Lazio
Sidney B. Bowne & Son, LLP
Mineola, NY

Thanks, that did it. You guys rock. Best support of any company we deal with.

– Chris Fowle
Roberts & Associates Land Surveying, Inc
Brookings, OR

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