Carlson 30th Anniversary User Conference Under Way

April 8th, 2013

CINCINNATI, Ohio, USA– Carlson Software users from more then 20 countries around the globe have gathered here for three days of intense training and a celebration of Carlson Software’s 30th anniversary. Carlson software users from around the world congregated in Cincinnati for Carlson's 30th Anniversary User Conference.

Carlson President and founder Bruce Carlson welcomed everyone at a morning plenary where he reviewed some basic commands that have been part of Carlson’s software since its founding in 1983 and reviewed some of the newest offerings soon to be released by Carlson.

Included in the new releases are GIS360 on Android, Carlson CSI Office 1.0, Carlson SurvCE 3.0, and Carlson SurvPC. Stay tuned for more information on the User Conference and new releases from Carlson Software.

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