Best Practice in Mine Rehabilitation Course Featured Carlson Natural Regrade

By Karen Cummings • November 14th, 2018
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The Universidad Complutense Madrid recently presented an International Complutense Course featuring world-renowned specialists in the design and modeling of fluvial geomorphic mine restorations. A total of 36 attendees came from nine countries representing five continents.

The lecturers and trainers included Professor Greg Hancock from the University of Newcastle (Australia), an international authority on the use of Landscape Evolution Models in mining restorations, and Nicholas Bugosh of Carlson Software, inventor of the GeoFluv method used in the Natural Regrade computer design software, which is considered the best technique available for topographic remodeling and mining restorations.

As noted in the course brochure:

“Mining is necessary for maintaining society’s current lifestyle and facilitating future growth and will continue to develop on a global scale. Even if the use of some mineral resources may decline (such as coal), the need for other minerals for emerging technologies will concurrently grow. The generation of solid and liquid wastes and their discharge onto land and into waterways are arguably the greatest impacts on the environment associated with mining.”

“This two-day course was designed to introduce what are considered the best available techniques for mine rehabilitation,” notes Bugosh. “These included the GeoFluv method in Carlson Natural Regrade for fluvial geomorphic design and how Landscape Evolution Models (LEM) can be useful for verifying designs.”

Left to right: Greg Hancock, Jose Martin Duque, Rod Eckels, Nicholas Bugosh, Lorena Ortega

The course included a lecture on the use of automatic GPS systems to guide the machines in the construction of complex fluvial geomorphic landforms, given by the Rod Eckels, of the University of Sydney (Australia), and a visit to geomorphological restorations at mining companies in the Alto Tajo valley, led by José Francisco Martín Duque, professor of the Faculty of Geological Sciences of the Complutense University and member of the Institute of Geosciences (IGEO).

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