Association of Ontario Land Surveyors Annual General Meeting

March 13th, 2013

Last week I attended the Association of Ontario Land Surveyor’s (AOLS) Annual General Meeting (AGM) as an exhibitor.  To my knowledge, this is the first time Carlson Software has been represented at this event.  This is now the second Provincial AGM that I’ve exhibited at, the first being the Alberta Land Surveyors Association AGM, which I’ve been to 3 times now, the fourth coming up next month.  I drove to Toronto from New Hampshire, it was about a 10 hour drive, which is about a wash with flying when you count time door to door, plus I thought it would be easier to bring all the materials and hardware for the booth by car than to try to ship it all.  As it turned out, Canada customs made me do a U-turn back into the States to register all the hardware with all the serial numbers so that I could prove on my way out that I had not sold any of it there, but probably still better than shipping it all!

I drove into downtown Toronto, which is about like driving into NYC, but I found the conference center and loading dock and hauled everything up to the exhibit hall and set it all up. I was pretty wiped out by the time that was all done, but I rested up that night and was ready for the conference.  There were over 350 attendees, which was really impressive, and it was exciting to see how surprised so many attendees were to see Carlson there.  Day One went from 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., and I had lots of great conversations and I was especially impressed with how many people were already using Carlson SurvCE.  Carlson Survey not so much, so that is where my work is cut out for me, but it’s an exciting challenge to work on.  Day Two was equally busy, but over at 5:00 so I was able to wander around Toronto’s Times Square area, very cool.  I decided to stay for the morning of Day Three, but most of the vendors had already left and it was very quiet, so I packed up and headed home.  All in all a great success.  Ontario is the most populated Province in Canada, so there is a lot of work for me to do there.  I’ll definitely be back there next year in Niagara Falls.

Beautiful Casa Loma, right in the heart of town

Beautiful Casa Loma, right in the heart of town



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