After the PDF Import- Scale Then Digitize

April 1st, 2013

Last blog I covered  importing a PDF into Carlson Takeoff R6. This month we are scaling the image and digitizing contours. Scaling is one of the most important parts of doing a takeoff because if this is wrong it’s all wrong. So I always take a little extra time to make sure the drawing is scaled properly.  What if your plan doesn’t have a bar scale?

bar scale

If the drawing doesn’t have a bar scale you can utilize any dimension called out on the drawing such as: property survey, setbacks, and parking stalls. To check the scale, dimension  the distance called out in the plan; which is 50 feet my dimension is 376.0767 feet.

dimesion_screen shot

There is quick way in Carlson Takeoff to automatically do the scale calculation; which is in Edit> Scale Wizard> Screen Pick.  

scale wizard

This prompts you to pick two points on each end of the setback distance, then enter the Target Distance which is 50 feet the software then calculates the scale factor.

target scale

scale factor

You are then able to apply this scale to the Entire Drawing or Select Objects, if you have multiple images with different scales use Select Objects. Select OK  if your drawing disappears View> Zoom Extents.  The next step is to make sure the On Screen digitizer settings are correct. Go to the Digitizer drop down > tablet select off, we are not using a digitizing board. Then into Digitizer Settings, make sure the Use Mouse box is checked.

dig use mouse setting

The first thing to be digitized is the existing contours. We then need to set the surface the contours will be placed, go to Digitize> select Existing Surface. Next select Digitize> Contour Polyline, the settings menu appears. Carlson uses a default layer name of EXIST_CONTOUR the contours will need to be set at a 2 foot elevation interval.

Exist Cont Settings

Select OK  you will then see the Digitize Contour display, on screen, this box shows the elevation of the contour being digitized.

cont elev box

The command line also has settings which allows you to see the elevation increment, change the direction contour elevations are adding or subtracting vertically( + or -), and change the elevation of the contour being digitized.

dig cont command line settings

Enter the first contour elevation select Enter and begin digitizing.

dig e cont

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